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You can see what's going on what's going on? What's going on? Good morning, Las Vegas. This is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more. I'm excited I got to my colleagues with the black achievement fund that'll be on here with us shortly. However, I got some sad news to announce. We lost another great personal giant in our community. The life of doctor I call him doctor because he was a really, really cool dude, he got a lot done as a businessman and an activist in our community. Mr. Sami Armstrong recently transitioned. So we certainly want to extend our sympathy and deepest condolences to his family. Yep, brother, Sam Armstrong has left this earth. And we know and hope that God will be pleased with the work that he did while here on this earth. In that vein, next week, we're going to have three of his dear friends to come on. And we're going to talk a little bit about some of the things that Sammy actually did in our community. That's Mr. Elgin Simpson. And Mr. Alfonso Eason and Mr. Bob Connor. So we will have them on the show next week to talk about some of the things that our dear friend Sammy deer wild in our community. And then of course, we recently this past week, took care of the remains of our good brother Leonard led fire service person he worked for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue for a number of years. He was the second president of our association within our community of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. So thank you all and again, keep brother Sammy as well as brother Linares family in your in your prayers. Now Miss Deidre Wilson and Miss faith of the black achievement fund. I am so pleased we've had sister Deidre on before. And I'll tell you guys real quickly, she is a master at meditation. These folks are up on on the other side of our country at 9am, up at 6am. Man trying to shake it off, but most folks know I get up early anyway. But she runs a dynamic show. And then of course, Miss faith. I haven't been with her in a while she does the exercise program for the black achievement fund. With that I miss D would you just kind of give a little background on yourself and how long you've been a member of the Black achievement fund.

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Sure. So my name is Deirdre fields, Wilson married to a great gentleman in studio with me. The black achievement fund, we've been a member of black team at funds since 2020, I want to say joined because we were looking at different programs, you know, I always like to get involved in what's going on in the black community and trying to make things better. And so we found this organization and it talked about freedom Georgia and it talked about having land and building a city and I saw it and vetted it for a few months and got excited and joined it and now they got the hooks in me. So tell

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us just a little bit before we go to miss faith, talk a little bit about the meditation program that you run every Saturday morning. Okay,

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so what I did is we have a hard job in the black community trying to build us so we always need something to help us stay focused and stay positive. So meditation is one of those things that helps you you know do do what you have to do even when you're tired when things are strained and things are tough right so I started the meditation program in order to help the help black achievement fund members deal with the pressures that we're going to experience as we grow this business. Right now we call it smile Thai we connections Muy Thai we is the word for unification is an ancient word that goes back to Kemet and we a lot of us think that yoga and meditation has to do with Asia ZIX existed long before Asia, and the name is smite I read us joining the higher self with the law itself. So as a process, we do meditation, then we move to yoga, then we move to fitness, because we feel like all three is what's necessary for our community. Absolutely

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perfect segue into our sister friendship, Miss wave. Tell us a little bit about yourself, sister and give us some detail on your program, if you will. And then of course, we certainly want to circle back and talk about what you guys are embarking upon in terms of being in charge of fundraising efforts for the black achievement fund.

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Awesome, Austin, thank you so much for having me. Sorry, I wasn't able to be with you last time. How anniver I make fitness enthusiast. So I joined the Black achievement fund in February of 2021. And by the summer, let me back up and say I am a marathon Walker. I've walked marathons all over the world. And I've done 35, half marathons, eight full marathons on three continents. And so by the summer of 2021, I was in training mode, and I suggested to the black achievement, but you know, that we get together and walk or you know, do some sort of fitness. And so brother, our president brother, our key was like, yes, go right ahead. And you know, we were, we're on Zoom, because we're all over the world, the black achievement fund members are. So we started with 30 minutes of fitness, 30 minutes of walking. And I'm, as I mentioned, a fitness enthusiast. So I rollerskate I hula hoop. And I was a personal trainer. So I do strength training, you know, when you're over 60, you gotta keep it together. So that's how we started, we come together, and we we do a warm up, and then everyone could do what ever workouts they're used to. It wasn't like I was trying to get everybody to do the same thing. We just needed to be together to keep each other accountable. Right. And so that's where it branched into, you know what it is today.

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You know, I can tell you miss faith, I have never been a quote unquote, gym rat. I work out on my own. But yet, just some of the things that we get into what, whether it's doing the meditation part of our Saturday morning, or the physical fitness part, and I recall, you introduce them doggone bangs. I'm like, whoo, she thinks I am. Oh, man. And I always tell you about my age. But I don't you don't give anybody a break. But you always do it in such a way that no one is going to injure themselves. And I, I love the way you run things. And it is my intent to get back involved with your part of Saturday morning. As relates to physical fitness. With the black achievement fund. Now you guys are on tour. You're doing some very exciting stuff with regards to fundraising. So Miss Diedrich, could you talk about some of the things that you're doing? And then Miss Miss faith, we'll come back to you. But I think it's important for for our world to know because this show, even though we're taping the show, and I don't mind people knowing but it can be picked up anywhere in the world because there's an app that you can get just go to the App Store, it's free. So talk to us about what you're doing as

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well. The black achievement file is an not for profit 501 C three organization. Anything you give to the black achievement fund, you can get back from the government 100% Our goal is to put black money back into black hands. So that's what we're working on. And our original goal was to get some land and it took us it took us maybe two years it might have took us a little long. We didn't do the proper advertising to build it up. But the little bit we did allowed us to raise over $60,000 And we were able to buy six acres of land. We are so excited we purchased it we have no mortgage on it. Lodi Lodi, so now we're in phase two. And Sister fakeness faith came up with an awesome idea how to raise some money and so now we're pursuing phase two where we have to we have to get a well we have to pave the great ground we have to get a step big tank electricity, right. And our goal is to have a big celebration next year on our own land that we own collectively. And so we've been doing a lot of work. And this is Miss face, baby. So let her explain further. Come on Miss faith. Yes,

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yes. Well, for those of you that are familiar with Kwanzaa during Kwanzaa there is a car Carmo on the night of Kuba, Kuba being creativity. So, we being creative as we are, we're having a fundraising dinner, the Kumbaya, the creativity part. And the feast is the caramel. And that's our dinner. So we're raising funds, and we're doing it by having a souvenir program booklet. And we're asking everybody to become a patron in our souvenir program booklet for only $10. That's it. $10 That's great, so easy. And then we're asking everybody to share it with their friends, family, you know, church member saw Ross, Brett's everybody, and asked them to be a patron for $10.

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So let me ask you, this misfit. So is that for individual listings? Or can you do it as a person or an or as a business?

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Well, we do, we do have opportunities for ads for business. Okay. However, the patrons is just their name, okay, just their name for $2 on, you know, listed with everybody saying, you know, congratulations, black achievement font on your birth, you know, six acres of land. But yes, we do. We do want business ads as well. We have full page half page, quarter page, and business card size. So what we like to ask folks to do is pull out their cell phones and type in donor the o r n o r, box feel x dot O R G, slash, Kwanzaa ball KWANZAB A L L. When they type that in, the information will come up, you'll see a wonderful Kwanzaa picture a family celebrating Kwanzaa. And you'll see a little bit about the program. And about what we're raising money for our little cabinet retreat, and then the options to be a patron or to purchase the ad.

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Wonderful. And I would like you to repeat that again, because that's a lot. But so let's repeat that again, if you would, because I definitely want people to participate.

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Sure. Donor Ball D O, in ORBOX. dot O R G, slash KWANVAB. A L L. O right. Did I miss anything? So study.

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That's excellent. And

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you know, I need to get you a number from this DJ because I want to maintain some contact with you. You know, from time to time, I just straight out mentioned the black achievement fun. And I know we've had brother key on the show several times, but I want to continue to because I know it's a lot of work and and we if everybody just do something, and I try to do my share by promoting yes through this radio. So once again, Las Vegas you're listening to Veterans Affairs plus, on 91.5 Jazz and more. And my engineer, producer direct is looking at me and he's gonna give me a finger here. Not that finger. No, it's gonna give me a count. Yo. We got it. We got two minutes to wrap up ladies look, I'm excited and so appreciative. And I was I was so excited when Mr. Dees I'm gonna be in town. Oh, no, man. I don't want her on the telephone. I want her in the studio. Give us some closing remarks. Both of you if you would.

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Oh, well closing remarks like MySpace said we'd like everyone to come to Kwanzaa Black achievement fund that's ba F dot solutions F dot Sol u ti o n s slash To join join us become a member of the Black achievement find is only $9 a month, we were working on our foundation members, that's 10,000 members at at $9 a month. Our ultimate goal is 10 million members, those 10 million members at $9 a month will gross us over a billion dollars a year, which means we can build schools and hospitals and dentists and buy land and put all kinds of stuff on it. And it's a lot we could do info sessions on Sunday at 2pm and YouTube presentations. And it's very important because we want everyone to have a chance to say, Oh, we don't think it's going to work. So we could prove that it will work.

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All right. Miss faith closing remarks.

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Just to mention the Las Vegas time on Sundays, it would be what 11 I believe 11am Your time? Yes. For the info session. Yeah. Okay, great. Love to have you all join us on an info session and hear more about the black achievement fun, wonderful,

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wonderful. I'm pleased that we were able to get Deidre in the studio and maybe someday you will be traveling with Miss faith and we'll get you on the show as well live and in color even though we're being taped. Thank you ladies so much. These are members of the Black achievement fund who get things done. Thank you so much for coming on Veterans Affairs plus on many 1.5 Jazz and

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once again, this is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5 Jazz and more. And as we air today, this is Veterans Day. And in that vein, I have Dr. Crab she's going to give us a little indication of who she is very exciting lady. Lots of energy. I met her a few weeks ago here at the studio. So dark. Tell us who you are in terms of your metal your military background and your it's not metal. It's not considered medical what you do is considered mind medicine. Okay, mine medicine. Okay. Yeah,

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so I am. I am a Marine Corps veterans Happy Birthday Marines, rah, rah. Looking good for being over 200 years old. And I served in the first Gulf War. During Operation Desert Storm. I was attached to headquarters battery 10 Marines. I was there. I was part of their admin unit. And we deployed when they deployed. I come from a long history of military people. Yeah, yeah. So my, my husband is also a prior service Marine who has broken service and then went back in as a Navy chaplain. My nephew, actually was in the Army National Guard and my sister was a combat veteran and I F OEF. My cousin was actually in the Navy and my other cousin was in the army. Well,

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I definitely want to get your husband on the show sometime, if you don't mind coming on. Oh, if you would kind of broach that with him for me, I would appreciate it. I

Unknown Speaker 18:11
will definitely nudge it. And while we are over here, nudging, my husband's father was actually in the Air Force and actually a POW. As part of his Air Force career and the lovely lady that I had in the studio earlier today, about a woman by the name of Althea Williams runs an organization called she vets it. And her cousin is a retired colonel who, it turns out has a proclamation for a day named after him. Colonel Jimmy Jones Day and has a really interesting story. So there are a lot of wonderful veterans around that we may not have had an opportunity to have conversations with.

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We're here y'all. Okay, cool. She vets is the name of the organization. That's it. She vets it,

Unknown Speaker 18:58
she vets it. Okay. And that lovely lady, she her own personal stories that she enlisted when she was 39. I hope you can have her on the show one day so she can tell you the story and listen to 39 determine Afghanistan. And then it wasn't a head on collision and got a TBI. And then when she returned from the service, she started an organization first as a meeting spot for women to get together and gather in community. And that has expanded to a a platform where she invites speakers to come and share resources and their gifts and knowledge around how to support other veterans and she's in the process of launching something else call he that's it.

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Excellent, excellent. Well, as we sit here and talk, we know that this month also, along with Veterans Day is Thanksgiving, and we certainly want to thank God and pray for there'll be some, I guess, pausing if you will in the Middle East because human life is human life. And I know that The war has been around mankind for many, many moons, and probably going away. But certainly, during this time of the year, we got to think about those because we're all human beings when it's all said and done. And also, today later today is about you classic them by you. Classic, me and my wife, our daughter, and I should say go southern. If I don't say that my youngest daughter, Amber will be on my case. Well, she graduated from Southern University. But Doc, tell us about a little bit about your military back. You said you were an administrative battery.

Unknown Speaker 20:34
I was the headquarters battery to an artillery unit that deployed to Desert Storm. Or artillery? Yeah, yeah. I know, party with.

Speaker 2 20:42
So tell me or tell the the listening audience. How did you evolve? What was your inspiration to becoming a clinical psychologist, your psychologist, right. So how did it come about? Well, you know, and where are you from? Oh,

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so I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, oh, I was raised in Brooklyn, New York, okay. And you spoke to my second love language, which is my psychology degree and then became, I got a clinical I'm sorry, I got a sci fi and clinical psychology. And so one of the things that I discovered after I left the military was the challenges around transitioning into this universe from that universe. And actually, I had not even considered psychology is something that was for me, because I was raised, like a lot of people were, you know, you pray it away, you talk to your friends, you talk to your family, we just don't do mental health. And then on December 29 1999, I was attacked outside my apartment door in the Bronx. And following that attack, I started to have PTSD symptoms. And at the time, I still did not consider going to a psychologist because I'm a Marine, right? Like, I'm tougher than this, I'm stronger than this, I'm better than firefighters, we

Unknown Speaker 21:59
got this same mentality.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
I mean, I don't get PTSD, right, you know, so it got to a point where it was unavoidable, and I couldn't ignore it. I couldn't sleep, you know, I was hearing footsteps. It made it hard to leave my house. And that was the point in which I realized that I was losing my ability to function effectively. And I needed to talk to someone. And at that time, in New York, they had a program where if you were a victim of a violent crime, they had a therapist that you could see for free. That's where I'm at least Bluebell. And that's when I first started my mental health journey. And, you know, like a lot of people I was resistant, like, you know, the same for me. You know, and after I tended, assessed a few sessions, I realized something that I hadn't realized, You mean, there are people in this world that will listen to me non judgmentally, and helped me sort through this, this firestorm that is my life. And I can, I can use this opportunity to grow and be stronger. And then I decided, you know, I want to be that, and especially for our military,

Speaker 2 23:06
you know, it's 72 years of age. Now, I still think that I did not go, I'm a Vietnam era veteran, I did not go into the war zone. I went to Korea, in fact, got court martial sent back home in handcuffs, we won't go into the details of all that madness that I was involved in. But the point is, you know, God didn't want me in that in that kind of atmosphere, that kind of environment, I can tell you that. I know that I will be a different person today. And for you to be doing what you're doing, I think is so critical. Because to see someone with their head blown off, arm blown off. And you know, it's got to have an effect on on a fellow human being. And for you to be doing what you're doing is admirable. But I know it's hard work because it like you said for someone to listen to you is a key.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
And can I tell you something, you know that the thing that we don't talk about? So when we talk about thank you for your service? You know, whenever I say it, and I say thank you for your service and your sacrifice, the sacrifice, because we don't talk about the sacrifice, right? We don't talk about the cost of service. And we don't talk about the cost of service on mental health. We don't talk about the cost of service on your body. You know, I you know, when I when I was working at the VA, you'd have 20 something y'all would like 70 something year old body injuries, you know, why did the 20 or you walk in with a cane, or something like that we don't talk about those pieces. We don't talk about the moral injury. You know, the thing that you mentioned about having to kill as part of your job description, right? And it is part of your job description. We don't always have to fulfill that part of our job description. But there are going to be circumstances where you a 20 something year old, are going to have to decide that's right if that person should live or die, and we don't think about that, and we don't talk about that and we don't talk about what it does to someone to have to carry that weight. And don't get me wrong, you know, as servicemen and women, when we sign up for the contract when we join the organization, we know what we're signing up for. We do what we do. But but the love for us should extend beyond the battlefield. Absolutely, you know, once we take off the uniform, our value does not diminish.

Speaker 2 25:23
You know, and again, I've said it publicly, when I was working as a fire chief, I'd say in public settings that, hey, America should do a better job. And looking out for her service people, particularly after they finish up their tour duty, or their their stint there, their career. But we don't do it, not at the level that we should we send in money all over the place. But when it comes down to taking care of our own, that should be number one priority. And if I was ever in a position, and it's 72, it probably won't happen. Now. I'm on the downside. I mean, I'm in sudden death overtime, as we sometimes see in the fire service. But you know, it's important for for our country to do a better job. And taking because we got a lot of veterans out in the field, homeless, Walker, people don't want to be helped. But those who we can help, we need to know I'm getting a signal over here from from Mr. West to wrap it up. So doc, give us some closing remarks. And again, we will have you back on and I'm excited to hear that you have a show of your own ideal

Unknown Speaker 26:28
I am on Let's Talk UNLV with my wonderful co host, Alicia. So, to your point, I think that one of the most important things that we can do in order to help our veterans is to make sure that the providers that provide for our veterans are culturally competent,

Speaker 2 26:45
great. This is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more and I'm looking at Western he's got this certain look and I know the look. So doc, thank you so much and I'd certainly want to get you back on again. And please tell your husband I want to talk to him because I think it will be very important to get a chaplain yes on our airwaves.

Unknown Speaker 27:05
Happy Birthday Marine.

Speaker 2 27:06
Once again investors affairs plus on 91.5 Jazz and more. Talk to you next Sunday when we'll have some more guests to talk to you.

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The smoking tilde hey when I step on the pavement we

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