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Good morning is his Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5 chairs and more. I am Dave Washington, your host. As always I try to start out with a few announcements. I want to encourage those of you cannabis users to stop at Frank Hawkins second Wellness Center cannabis store at 9030 West Flamingo. Also remember that on the 16th of this month, the Martin Luther King parade I think it'd be the 41st We'll be downtown Las Vegas and we will have the president on shortly Mr. Winslow P. Williams, former Assemblyman to give us further detail about the various activities that they do have going on. During that what they call King week. With respect to birthdays, I mentioned some and I'll mention some again, as far as January's concerned, my brother Leon, Washington, Jr, Amber, our God and and of course, Martin Luther King. We had Andre and Jonathan ArmorGuard. Over in Cape Town, South Africa, and certainly this month, we're gonna say again, congratulations to Mike and Doreen ArmorGuard on their anniversary, which occurs this month. And with respect to condolences, I want to express condolences to my wife's best friend Gloria peewee burns on the loss of her grandson Aaron, was just occurred the other day, so condolences to that family, and to my good friend and firefighter colleague, dusty trusty Bynoe. up in Northern California fact he worked for the San Jose Fire Department condolences to his wife, Linda and daughter Nikki. And his services will be on the 21st up in San Jose. And then finally, with respect to condolences, the family of Mr. Lewis Hawkins and his wife Dorothy Lewis passed away recently they both were long, longtime members of value golf club. So to Dorothy we, we pray for God's strength for you, young lady, take care of yourself. And we do plan to attend those services. Once again. This is fetchers affairs plus on 91.5 chairs and more. And I'm Dave Washington. I'm your host we should have our first guest on shortly. talkies.

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Once again, this is Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more. Our next guest is Mr. Window P. Williams, former State Assemblyman and founder of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee and he serves as their president. What's happening, brother.

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What's going on, Dave? How you doing?

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I'm doing well. Man. You had a nice event last night, I was able to stay for a short period of time as I told you. I had some health issues that really concerned my wife that I would even go but I'm good. God God. God bless you, brother. How you doing this morning?

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I'm doing well. Thank you. Good, good.

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So tell us about a few of the things that are going on particularly when is the parade.

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Parade is going to be Monday on the holiday January 16. Starts starts at 10am. Okay, and you know, just mentioned veterans. We got a lot of veterans in the parade this year. We have a numerous amount of ROTC fees, and we have Gone but not forgotten to organization. All those veterans who may have been unfortunately deceased, served. So it as a group that keeps your memory alive. We're very proud to have them, have them participate with us.

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Well, that's excellent that you considered and have a lot of veteran organizations participating in the parade that would be great exposure for them because there's a lot of need for those veterans in terms of getting help. So it is downtown Las Vegas, downtown

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Las Vegas on Fourth Street. The extents of the parade is on Fourth Street. Fourth and Hoover and the main viewing stand for though Those who may want to come out to see it. And the performing groups will be performing at Main I mean for st and Bridger, but I'd like to also indicate that parade will be broadcast live on Channel 13 here locally.

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Oh wow. That's great. So is this the first year within

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just the first parade in the history of the states be broadcast on network TV? It was simultaneously be broadcast live on the city of Las Vegas this challenge channel number challenge to okay as well

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so So prior to it was what tape delayed or because Didn't you do get do some stuff with Cox?

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Cable? We will we will broadcasting on cable okay. Yeah, so Cox to participate with us, but to have a live broadcast and in its entirety? on network TV is first time

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well, we will let me tell you some windows. Send me man we are very proud of you, man. Because you keep making history. So you say this is the first for live as it that is one

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of the first first rate in the state to be broadcast live.

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Oh man, you just study making history will. Once again we are proud of you. So now I know. With the parade you have a number of grand marshals, you want to cover those for our listening audience, please.

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Well, as a matter of fact, we have six grand marshals, you know, I was thinking about it the other night. And a lot of our pioneers and community like the Berger Johnson, Sarah night, Bob Bailey, and Dave Washington has been grand marshals, so this year we have six grand marshals. We have Mr. William Bill Evans, who's a longtime educator, here in the state as the Grand Marshal, we also have the Attorney General Aaron forte. We have Niki pargas, the president of the Las Vegas aces and sand. This Morgan, president of the Las Vegas Raiders is Ram Marshall. Now, several years ago, we started having a youth Grand Marshal as much as we feel the need to to highlight and appreciate people, adults who have served our community in tremendous ways such as yourself. We started to push and encourage young people. We're very proud this year to have two grand marshals the young man Justin. He is the CEO of his own business. He's about sizzle, how

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Hollis six works. Wow.

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Yeah. He's a CEO of his own company. He has I met him last year when he was raising money to buy all the kindergarten children Christmas presents, which was success. He may he's done a number of things. I mean, people will find out about him. He's also raised money for the for the migrants in Ukraine. Wow. And a lot of money for the Ukrainians who live in Las Vegas. He also went to Poland and opened a library in Ukraine. He's he's really bad.

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Not to cut you out. But he must be what do you call it? child prodigy?

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Yeah, he's no doubt about it. People. I mean, he was on television was made yesterday and he's just blew him away. Wow. And also we have a young lady by the name of Ava Ramirez. He works with him. She's an activist. She's a protester. And for all the right reasons in our community, he's the young lady who plays now she's about seven, seven different musical instruments. But I mean, these kids are phenomenal. And we also want to encourage our youth, you know, to, to look at them. Look, it's not agents attitude. That's right. So we want to build on that foundation. But there's grand marshals as well.

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Oh, that's excellent. Man. I think it's, we have to, I think, and I know, it's not really the same as saying pass on the baton because they're so young. But by the same token, I think you guys are planting seeds are continuing to cultivate what's already there, because they seem to be very, very bright. And this is much needed, because sometimes we forget about our young folks. So congratulations to you guys for doing that. That is

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aside from us, you know, we don't fast. We want them to reach and get it. Right. I'm really, really happy and encouraged by them, you know, is we got to keep and with the MLK movement. As you mentioned, you know, we have several activities we had two nights ago we had the ultimate measure of a man form and me was standing room only even in the rain. And one of the big emphasis that they focused on was metal To help, you know, a lot of men in our community, ignore mental health problems. We want to encourage that. We have the pre parade mixer last night, on tomorrow to have the Technology Summit at City Hall. The Technology Summit is comprised of young people from around the world. We've got people coming in already from Europe and different places, China, Africa. And you'll also do it virtually with the Technology Summit. Because technology obviously is the way to go. of the world right now. We have absence of young ladies and technology. So we're building that base to try to get them into technology. Yeah, and I'm Saturday, of course, is the annual scholarship dinner. He knows is Sandra Douglas Morgan, president of Las Vegas Raiders. Excellent.

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They got quite a lineup. And I think it's important in terms of those activities that you guys host each year just to keep people thinking about the things that we need to be doing as people, not only black people, but people in general in terms of just getting along and, and making things work for a better community. So

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get up getting along, you know, it's like, you know, our focus and mission is to improve Las Vegas, there's a lot of turbulence and negativity. But we want to, positively we don't we all don't have to live together and go out together. But we all can respect and live with each other. That is the reason we have interfaith service, or interfacer is composed of virtually every religious denomination we have here in the valley, is based on Dr. King's letter from the Birmingham Jail, you know, to clergy saying we all got to pull it together with this. It's not Catholic Jews not. And you know, we have all those religions coming in one place. And I mean, it's a fantastic event, having every denomination in the church building, worshiping together,

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one, two, as we as we get ready to close out this segment, would you give me give us the listening audience, the theme, you guys always have a theme? What's the theme this year?

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Living the dream, it starts with me building a building the the ultimate community?

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Building on a dream. That's excellent. Well, it all starts with me. Absolutely. Well, Brother winter, we certainly appreciate you coming on this year. And I will always have a place for you to come in. In fact, we may even do a follow up because my show now will be four times a month versus one. So we appreciate you. Thank you. We appreciate your time and effort. Keep doing the great things that you're doing for our community. Thank you. And if

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anybody's interested, you can give me a call at 70249 858-887-0250 Ada.

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All right, brother. All right, man. Thank you appreciate you.

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Once again, good morning, Las Vegas. This is Dave Washington on any 1.5 This is jazz and more. And this is our veterans affairs show. And we had a guest that for various reasons we were unable to get here this morning even on the line. So I'm just going to talk to you about some things that are going on with me. As you know, we the Washington's are a close knit very public family, if you will. And I guess I should start out saying that I am a veteran served from 1971 to 73. And I served in the United States Army when I left Las Vegas as a draftee. In fact, they drafted 100 People from the state of Nevada my draft number was number 77. And when I went in, I was supposed to be what's called a missile crewmen. And ultimately, I became a cook because I didn't want to be a mechanic. So serving those while serving my time, I got into a little bit of trouble. So ultimately, I spent 28 months versus 24 months because I had to make up that bad time. But I did get out with an honorable discharge. Most recently, I've had some some medical issues that a lot of folks are aware of because my family put me on all sorts of prayer lists throughout the various religious community in Las Vegas. So I wanted everyone to know I'm doing fine and I know that you guys saw a photo of me on facebook Book, started getting calls, people thought I was in a hospital, but actually, I was in a surgical center. And it was outpatient, they checked out my ticker, I had some blockage. But believe it or not heart can repair itself. It's not if it's not totally, totally damaged. And believe, believe it or not, the arteries worked its way around the small blockage that I have. So I didn't have to have any stents or anything like that. I mean, I'm in decent shape. So I thank God and I thank my family for their concern, and for putting me on those prayer lists. Because I believe in the power of prayer, as I hope most do. So I want to thank my wife, my children, April, Angel, Amber, and Vernon we call him Ray Ray, and certainly all 11 Well, I say 10 of our grandchildren, because the baby, she just turned one, Miss nya. So she don't she don't have a clue. Even though she's very smart. So I just want to get you all our listening audience to be well aware of the fact that thank God, Dave Washington is going to be okay. According to the doctor, I'll do some follow up stuff. But I thought that it was important for me to, to inform you all of that, considering you did see me on on Facebook. I appreciate our my producer, director, engineer West, he's keeping me on track. And he always informed me of the time that I have. And he was able to work with me when my other guests wasn't able to make it. So something else I want to I want to talk about is we know that suicide seems to be on the rise. And I just want to encourage folks to to look out for your fellow man, your friend, your family member. In fact, some weeks ago, my daughter, one of our daughters happened is see some message from a friend of hers. And good thing, she took a look at it and I double and triple look. And they were able to say this young lady who had taken some medication to take herself out. And you know, there's so much stress going on in the world. And I know my my nephew, Cliff. Washington had mentioned it because we have every other week we have a family gathering, since the pandemic we get on one zoom, and talk about various issues and, and just share and spread the love of family. So Cliff had mentioned that that is something that we we should all keep our eyes and ears open. For example, if you see someone, their behavior is off a little bit just and I'm not trying to sit here and act like an expert because I am not. But I do know that even in the fire service. I recall doing my career. We had a couple of people one just as I joined the department shot shot his brains out. Then in one of the guys I trained as a training officer, he took himself out. So it happens. And my point is if you notice that the behavior of a friend or family member is a little bit off, say something to someone because who knows you may save someone's life. Once again, this is a Veterans Affairs plus on 91.5, jazz and more. I'm Dave Washington, your host I want to just kind of reiterate from our the first guest that we had on Mr. Window P Williams, former assemblyman. He talked about the various activities to include the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. parade that will be on Monday the 16th at 10am Starting downtown so and for the first time it's going to be run live or shown live on channel 13. So Brother winter P is study making history with the the effort that he and his committee, the Marlins Jean Martin Luther King committee are engaging upon with various activities that they do each year. So we encourage people to support them. And they also have a banquet coming up this weekend with Sandra Douglas as their speaker. So support them. They're doing good things in our community. And I think it's well worth our time and effort to to participate in those things that we can with the Martin Luther King committee. I just want to say again, I appreciate and love my family and know that all of us have family members that sometimes we have disagreements with excetera, so forth and so on. And I know that it's all in love. And I asked you guys not only to pray for my continued sustaining, with my with my health but also I have a sister, Kathy Richardson this I have an another sister in law down in Houston, Ava that's having some battles, both of them are battling with cancer. So your prayers in that regard will be a great help. I suspect to their to their mental health as well as the physical so do which key and and every god and, and I want to thank everybody for the things that you have assisted, particularly veterans. And I always encourage people to call our scholar service officer, Tony Marshall has done a wonderful job over the past year and a half that I've been on 91.5 chairs and more. And I just encourage you guys to make contact with Tony, if you know of or if you have any issues that you are having to deal with as a veteran. It's a 30153794653015379465. That's Tony Marshall. He is our service officer. And he takes appointments only. And he's down at the American Legion Post 10. Down at h and Doolittle several times a week, if I'm not mistaken. So if you have any issues or concerns, please make sure that you get a hold of Tony, because he's doing a wonderful job in terms of getting brothers and sisters who have served our country in the military, all branches, he can do things to get you in a place where you can get help for any issues that you may have. I think my voice is kind of dry this morning, I believe it's probably because I got to drink more water to get rid of this medication that's probably still in my body. From my

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What do you call it a procedure the other day. So once again, I want to thank everyone. This is Veterans Affairs plus, on 91.5, jazz and more. And thanks to the general manager and the staff here. I just want to impress upon everyone to try and listen. Our time has changed. We're at 7am to 730. I know it's early, but I certainly hope you guys will listen in because we hope to bring value with respect to getting assistance to our veterans who there are many out there in need. And we know that a lot of the homeless people that we have in our city, many of them are veterans. So let's do what we can to assist encourage, because I know sometimes we think well, and I agree to be frank, some people want to be out and be homeless, but not all of them. Some people are hurting mentally, and they just need that guidance that hopefully we will all try through the various avenues that we have to assist folks. So we will be back on next week with additional guests and I hope you all will participate and enjoy the Martin Luther King Parade which is again downtown Las Vegas on January 16 20. Thank you and we will talk soon have a great day.

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